Calculate Your Vulnerability To Identity Theft With The ID RiskCompass

Carney Insurance Services

All too often on the news, we hear about the latest identity theft tactic or a data breach that occurred at a big box retailer, financial institution, or in the cloud.

Identity theft affects 12.6 million victims a year and the consequences can be devastating. Within minutes, thieves can ruin credit, steal money from bank accounts, and ring up debts – affecting a person’s ability to secure employment, loans, and safe medical treatment.

A recent report by Risk Based Security found that 2014 is on pace to exceed 2013’s number of exposed records. According to the report, 1,331 incidents have been reported resulting in 502 million compromised records. To learn more about the types of data breaches taking place, and to find out if your state has had the most data exposed, check out their report titled, “2014 Data Breach Quick View Report.” So how do you know if your information has been compromised? Here are a few things to watch for.

Information Courtesy of West Bend.

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