What to do after a Hailstorm

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During a hailstorm, windows may break and high winds can knock down trees and power lines. If the hail is big enough, it can cause shingle damage to the roof of your home. It can also damage the roof and hood of your car and maybe even crack your windshield. If you’ve just been through a hailstorm, be careful and follow these tips:

  1. Make Safety Your First Priority
  • Watch out for broken glass, sharp objects and exposed electrical wires.
  • Wear proper shoes and gloves.
  • Don’t use rain-soaked electrical equipment.
  • Watch out for downed trees, power lines, and debris.
  1. Call Us
  • When it’s safe to do so, call us as soon as you can at 651-464-6001.
  • Be prepared to provide at least a general description of your hail damage.
  • Take photographs and videos of the hail damage if you can. It’s a great way to help us understand what happened and expedite the claims process.
  1. Safeguard Your Home and Your Car
  •  Prevent Further Damage
    • A hailstorm may be accompanied by heavy rain and wind. The longer your home is exposed to water, the more damage you’ll see to your roof, ceiling, walls and floors, as well as any personal belongings you have inside.
  • Hail Damage to Your House
    • Clean up any broken glass and remove debris.
    • Board up broken windows and doors.
    • Cover roof damage with tarps or plywood.
    • Move any wet items to a dry location.
    • If possible, place any damaged items in a safe, secure area where they can be inspected later.
    • Save all receipts from any temporary repairs.
  • Hail Damage to Your Car
    • Cover any broken car windows with tarps or plastic sheeting.
    • Move any wet items to a dry place.
    • If possible, place any damaged items in a safe, secure area where they can be inspected at a later time.
  1. Repair Your Home and Car
  •  Get Your House Repaired Please wait until a claims adjustor assesses the hail damage to your home before starting permanent repairs. We encourage you, however, to schedule permanent repairs as soon as possible. Call us if you need recommendations for a local repair company.
  • Get Your Car Fixed
    • For hail damage to the body or your car go to a local repair shop to start an estimate.
    • For hail damage to your windshield or other car windows’ call us for local windshield repair companies.

Home Improvements – To Upgrade or Not Insurance companies will replace damaged items and materials with the same type and quality of materials you had before the hailstorm. For example, if you had a fiberglass roof, we will pay to repair or replace the damaged area with fiberglass, but they won’t pay to replace it with more expensive slate tile. If you decide to upgrade your house with better or more expensive materials, you’re welcome to do so, but you’ll need to pay the additional expense out of your own pocket. Any time you make improvements to your property, be sure to call us to find out if your coverage is still enough, and if you’re eligible for any discounts.

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