Are there any benefits to warming up your car on a cold day?

Carney Insurance Services

Being born and raised in MN, you always hear people talking about warming their cars up before they would dare take off in them.  We have automatic starters installed, we crank our seat warmers, we put the defrost and heat on high and let it idle for 10+ minutes.  Is it really beneficial? Could it actually be bad for our cars?

Check out this article for some myths and facts about warming up the car

One thing that isn’t even mentioned is the increased risk of theft! This can be an even bigger problem if you don’t have the appropriate Minnesota Auto Insurance.  If you have Full Coverage on your policy and you are the victim of a car thief then your stolen auto will be covered subject to your deductible.  However, if you have a policy without comprehensive coverage or just a “Liability” only policy you will have no coverage at all.

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