Eight Tips To Enjoy Fall And Avoid Suffering From Fall Allergies

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Fall is officially here and the days are definitely getting shorter. If you’re like me, you’re trying to savor the remaining warm days as much as possible. If you’re also like me, however, fall allergies can make it difficult to enjoy this time of year.

It’s easy to understand why you might suffer from allergies in the spring. The snow has melted and the world around us goes into full bloom. But what’s up with fall allergies?

Ragweed and mold are the two big culprits in fall. Ragweed thrives in the warm sunny days and cool nights. The release of ragweed pollen usually starts in August but can continue through September and October.

Mold is the other culprit. Mold thrives in damp cool places. As leaves and other yard debris pile up, our yards become conducive environments for mold growth.

Mold spores and pollen love to ride the wind, so even if your area is free of these allergens, a windy day can bring them to your neighborhood. Click here for full article.

Information Courtesy of West Bend

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