Ways to prevent package theft at your home

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Discover how you can plan for deliveries and secure your purchases.

How Can You Prevent Package Deliveries From Being Stolen?

With more and more people choosing to shop online for efficiency and convenience, package theft is a serious concern. The options below can help you plan for deliveries and secure your purchases.

Use a Package Delivery Box

Community delivery boxes as well as single home boxes are a great option for securing deliveries. Community boxes provided by Amazon and other companies are locker systems that can be found in locations such as grocery stores. When your package is delivered, you will receive a code that allows you to safely retrieve your purchase.

Similar boxes can be installed at your home. These lock boxes allow you to provide delivery services with a code that can be changed once the item has been placed inside. These boxes are available in multiple sizes based on your typical delivery needs.

Require a Signature for Package Delivery

If you expect to be home but just want to be sure you know when something’s delivered, requiring a signature is a simple and effective option. By utilizing this capability, you ensure that you’ll be receiving the package directly and it won’t be sitting in front of your house for any length of time.

Provide Custom Package Delivery Instructions

In most cases delivery instructions can be added to provide additional information. Do you have available space that’s hidden from the road? Maybe a side door you’d prefer for delivery? This is great information to share with your delivery service. These notes can typically be added as you’re entering shipping information at checkout or if you create an online profile with the delivery service to track your package.

Similarly, you may be able to reschedule delivery through a profile with the delivery service. This allows you to ensure your package arrives when you’re home to scoop it off the porch.

Deliver Packages to Your Work

An often overlooked option is simply having packages delivered to your work. If it’s allowed by your employer, requesting delivery to your office allows you to ensure someone will always be able to intercept the package in person. Just be sure to ask your boss or warn the front desk so everyone knows what to expect!

Use Security Cameras Visible From the Street

Although security cameras may not help with package delivery, they may deter thieves. Simply having a security system and outdoor lighting in place is often enough to convince a thief to skip your home. In addition to this, video evidence can help police to apprehend criminals and potentially retrieve your purchases.

What Do I Do if My Package Is Stolen?

  1. Verify delivery – First check with the post master to ensure that the package was officially delivered.
  2. Call the Police – Inform your local police force of the incident and be sure to provide video or other evidence if you have it.
  3. Contact the retailer – Coverage varies by retailer but some companies offer coverage for stolen packages.
  4. Contact the shipping company – Similarly to retailers, some carriers offer coverage for deliveries that were stolen.
  5. Check your credit card benefits – If you are unable to resolve the issue with either the retailer or the shipping company, double check your credit card benefits for purchase protection.

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