What You Need To Know About Renting And Operating A Jet Ski Or Boat

It’s hard to believe after the long, cold winter, summer is here! The weather has finally gotten nice and my family is planning our annual trip to northern Wisconsin. I can’t wait to hop on that jet ski and take it for a spin around the lake.

Many places rent jet skis or boats for a day or a week. They typically offer many options, which is nice because not everyone likes the same thing. What’s also nice is that my West Bend Home and Highway® policy provides automatic physical damage coverage if someone damages the jet ski. It also includes liability coverage for any injuries I might cause to someone else because of my driving.

I appreciate that this coverage is automatically provided and we don’t have to buy insurance from the rental facility. In fact, not only does my policy provide coverage under the homeowner’s portion, it also provides coverage under the umbrella portion.

You’ll have that coverage, too, if you have a Home and Highway policy. Keep in mind, however, that you have only as much coverage as your policy’s limits. So if you have $100,000 of homeowner’s personal liability coverage, that’s the maximum that will apply to your rented boat or jet ski if you’re liable for injuries to other people.

The physical damage limit will be the same as your personal liability limit. So if you carry $100,000 of personal liability, that’s also your physical damage coverage limit or what’s available to cover damages to the rented boat or jet ski.

Now keep in mind this is a feature of West Bend’s Home and Highway policy, so if you don’t have this insurance, you might want to check with your agent to see if you’re protected if you rent a boat or jet ski.

Here are safety tips and other resources to keep you safe if you’re boating or jet skiing this summer.

Click here for Safety Tips

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