Five Tips To Deal With Crazy Fall Wasps

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At this time of year, many of us in the Midwest are soaking up the sun and enjoying the few nice days we have left. Football games, homecoming parades, visiting pumpkin farms and harvest festivals are a few ways we continue to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, at this time of year we also have to deal with those annoying stinging insects…wasps. They’re everywhere.

So why are these insects also known as yellow jackets so active and annoying at this time of year? During the spring and summer months, their hives and nests are very active. While the queen is laying eggs, the workers are busy preying on insects like caterpillars, flies, and crickets, along with other duties. Moving from summer to fall, however, causes a change in the nest. The queen stops laying eggs and the nests begin to deteriorate. As a result, they become more interested in human food like sugar and carbohydrates. Our human food helps them sustain what’s left of their lives, as well as prepare the queen for winter survival. Click here for full article









Information Courtesy of West Bend

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