Is Your Car Worth What You Owe?

Carney Insurance Services

For many, our vehicles are our pride and joy. They get us where we need to go, usually quite comfortably. If you have kids involved in many activities, for many they become like our second home.

Unfortunately, many people owe more money on the car loan than the vehicle is actually worth. Are you one of them? If your vehicle was totaled in an accident or hail storm today, would your insurance company pay enough to cover the balance on your loan? If not, would you have the funds to pay that balance?

Joyce Schuett, a former agent and personal lines underwriter with West Bend, will discuss Auto Loan/Lease Coverage (GAP).

If the answers to both questions is no, you may want to consider Auto Loan/Lease Coverage, most commonly known in the auto dealership industry as “GAP coverage.” Purchasing Auto Loan/Lease Coverage will ensure your insurance company fully pays off your loan balance if your vehicle is totaled so you can avoid financial distress. Click here for full article


Information Courtesy of West Bend

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