Going on vacation? Make sure your home is secured!

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The FBI  says 2.16 million burglaries occurred in the U.S. in 2010. A burglary happens once every 14.6 seconds, and those property crimes resulted in a cumulative loss of $15.7 billion.

With many people planning Summer road trips, long weekends at the cabin, and it just generally being a season that we are out and about much more often, here are some important tips to think about regarding keeping your home safe and keeping the appearance up of someone being home.

1. Lock down your house.

The lock you installed 10 years ago may not be as secure as it once was. Exterior doors should always have deadbolts and don’t forget sliding doors and windows. Make sure they lock, and install a metal dowel along the bottom of every glass door or window. You can pick up a dowel cheap at any hardware store.

2. Don’t let mail and newspapers overflow.

Before you leave, put a temporary hold on newspapers and mail. In most areas, you can do this online through the newspaper’s website and on the post office’s Hold Mail Service site.

Better yet, have a neighbor collect your papers and mail. That way, you’re not telling a stranger at the newspaper office or post office that you’re leaving. Neighbors can also help clear out fliers, coupons and delivery menus

3. Use timers for your lights.

Pick up a few cheap timers at a hardware store and install them on different lamps throughout the house. Set the timers to go off at different intervals throughout the day. If you don’t have time for timers, give a friend or neighbor a key and ask that person to come by at different times and turn the lights on and off.

4. Keep the lawn mowed.

I’m no criminal mastermind, but even I can tell someone probably hasn’t been home for a while when I drive by and see 6-inch-tall grass. If you’re going to be out of town for more than a few days, hire a lawn care service to mow your grass and trim your shrubs.

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This post comes from Angela Colley at  Money Talks News.

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