Grilling tips to keep you and your family safe

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Grilling out with family and friends is a Memorial Day weekend tradition. However, grilling can be dangerous if safety isn’t your top priority.

Here are some grilling safety tips to keep you and your family safe this weekend.

Gas Grill Safety Tips

• If this is the first time you’re using your gas grill this year, inspect grill hoses for cracks, holes, and leaks by using a soapy water solution.

• Never use a grill indoors, including in your garage. A grill should be kept at least ten feet from your home, cottage, or camper.

• If you need to get your LP tank filled for the weekend, make sure you transport it in a safe upright position. Do not leave your filled tank in your vehicle or its trunk, especially if it’s sunny and hot. I have an SUV so I use the hooks that are in the back, as well as a ratchet strap to keep it standing upright.

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All of us at Carney Insurance Services hope that you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

information courtesy of West Bend

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