Personal Liability Umbrella…. Do I need one?

In 2016, the fatality rate jumped 6% for auto accidents and 11% for pedestrians involved in traffic
accidents. The primary cause for these increases continues to be impaired and distracted driving and distracted walking. With the increase in accidents and fatalities the need for higher limits is greater than ever, and Carney Insurance has products to help. A Personal Liability Umbrella Policy is one of the least expensive ways to protect yourself.

Why do you need an Personal Liability Umbrella Policy?
– Personal Umbrella Insurance provides an extra layer of liability coverage. It helps guard against the impact of large and unforeseen losses, by protecting your personal assets and future earnings.
– In Minnesota, if you do not have the assets or liability coverage to cover an at-fault accident your future salary could be garnished at 25% for up to 20 years.

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